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Our unique and down to earth story began in the big snow of 1992. After a bad autumn drought the South Island was hit with two major snow storms in late winter.  Deep snow covered the South Island high country where Colin and Christine Drummond were working as shepherds with their teams of working dogs.  The snow was so deep that it had trapped and buried many sheep alive.  In a process known as snowraking, shepherds were helicoptered in by the air force to remote stations where they and their dogs helped the sheep to the safety of the lower country.  The work was very physical and it wasn't long before Christine became concerned for the health of her working dogs who were not keeping up on their traditional diet of mutton and dry biscuits.

Christine set out to make a product from natural foods that would sustain her working dogs and give them the energy required to keep pace with their demanding workload.  Using raw meats and fats and natural dried ingredients she developed the mix as a minced free flow product which could be stored in the freezer and scooped out by the cupful as required.  Within six days of feeding it to her dogs they took on a new lease of life, they had more energy and their coats were shiny.

Out of concern for other farmers affected by the big snow Christine offered them the mix for their own dogs.  Her compassion for the dogs and determination to share her new dog food was incredible.  She appeared on National television and other farmers from the South Island rang her to ask for supplies of her Mighty Mix. This is how it got its name. 

The volumes of product she was making proved too much for her kitchen so she quickly set up mixing in a horse float.  It was a very much a labour of love.  The product was sold for the cost of the raw materials, the labour and delivery came free. Many working dogs need a high energy, nutritious feed so demand for her product grew.  Farmers that she had helped and who had seen the worth of the product began to distribute it, this is how the franchised system and delivery service first began.

Demand for Mighty Mix frozen concentrate continued to grow, it quickly outgrew the horse float, then the woolshed and soon was moved into a factory in Blenheim.  A business was created and Colin and Christine spent the next six years working in the factory making the product themselves.  They kept their best working dogs and continued to do casual mustering whenever they could.  Farming their own property one day was always their dream and in 1998 they purchased and moved to Erewhon Station. 

The Mighty Mix biscuit range was later developed to provide their working dogs with a high energy, high protein dry feed option.  A natural dog biscuit that could be fed along side the frozen concentrate.  The biscuit range was very successful and has become a popular choice for dog owners who want to feed a natural, nutritious dog biscuit.  In recent years Mighty Mix dog roll has been developed, once again containing no preservatives, nor artificial colours or flavours, fillers and a high meat content.

Franchisees have delivered Mighty Mix products to New Zealand farms and urban customers since the beginning.  Dogs of all breeds and life stages have enjoyed our products and customers have appreciated the personal service and delivery system.  We are proud of our down to earth, grass roots history and that we are still 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

For many years our marketing was simply word of mouth and still today we take a modest approach to promoting our products.  This will change in the future and we look forward to sharing our Mighty Mix products with more New Zealanders and their dogs.

Our family have always owned working dogs which are a vital part of our farming operations.  They need to be fit, well conditioned and fed optimum nutrition to give them the energy and stamina required.  We have seen our products enhancing the health and lives of our dogs and many others since 1992 and we will continue to do so for many years to come.

The health and well being of dogs is still our top priority.  Our Mighty Mix products are available for ALL New Zealand dogs to enjoy.

The Drummond Family. 





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