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Q. Do your products meet AAFCO recommendations?
A. Our Biscuit Range and Dog Roll are approved as formulated to meet AAFCO nutritional requirements for all life stages - from pups to old age. This means the product can be fed as a total diet and will provide 100% of your dog’s nutritional needs. The Frozen Concentrate is classified as a high energy supplement feed due to the percentage of fat it contains.
Q. Who is your AAFCO approved by?
A. Our AAFCO testing is performed by Image Holdings Ltd.  They review the analytical data presented to them to verify AAFCO compliance.
Q. Are your products suitable for dogs with allergies like dry flaky skin around the eyes and hot spots on the chest?
A. Yes our products are suitable, we would recommend the Frozen Concentrate because it contains salmon and a lower percentage of cereal.
Q. Do Mighty Mix products contain by-products and if so, what are they?
A. Yes all our products contain by-products and they are cooked organs like livers and kidneys which are rich in natural vitamins and minerals essential to the dog’s nutritional requirements.

The by-products we use are sourced only from New Zealand processing plants that solely process human consumption meats. This means that the animals for slaughter have to be healthy and free from medications – and they need to have passed veterinary checks prior to slaughter. Our meat sources are also specific to only the animals listed on our packaging.
Q Are there carbohydrates in the frozen product?
A. Carbohydrates are commonly found in most everyday foods such as vegetables, grains and cereals. As wholegrain cereals are an ingredient in our products they are not carbohydrate free but the Frozen Concentrate is very low in carbohydrates with on average only 11%. 
Q. How much cereal is in your products?
A. We do not use cereals as a bulking agent or ‘filler’; instead we use the whole grain for the goodness it can provide. The outer grain is a natural source of Vitamin B, the fiber helps condition the bowel, which helps to keep your dog healthy. The inner part of the cereal which is a natural source of Vitamin E.
If you are looking for a low cereal option the Frozen Concentrate contains less than 13% wholegrain cereal which is very low compared to most dry commercial dog foods. When combined with the Salmon, Green Lipped Mussels and Kelp, which are all great for skin irritations, we find that many dogs with allergies and such do well on this product.
Q. Do your products contain chemicals?
A. No our products do not contain chemicals.
Q Does Mighty Mix Frozen include Chicken?
A There are trace amounts of Chicken in the meat and fat used in our frozen concentrate.
Q. Can you explain what concentrated means with regard to your frozen product?
A. We use the term concentrated to show that the product does not contain any fillers or bulkers and is 100% nutritional. It is also used in terms of the whole food extracts used, which mean a small amount contains concentrated nutrients. 
Q. Can you tell me if the Mighty Mix Biscuits are baked or prepared in some other way?  I am hoping they are not cooked as this would denature the omega oils.
A. Yes our biscuits are cooked but we use an omega that is not damaged by the cooking temperature.  If you are looking for a product that isn’t cooked then we would suggest you try our Mighty Mix Frozen Concentrate, or supplementing with our Green-Lipped Mussel Tonic
Q Is the Mighty Mix Frozen Concentrate cooked?
A The Frozen Concentrate is a raw product, meaning it has not been through a cooking process, however some ingredients used have been cooked.
Q. Do your products contain corn?
A. No, Mighty Mix products do not contain corn.
Q. My dog’s droppings have changed or are very dark or black, what might cause this?
A. Each dog is different and their digestive systems will respond to different foods in various ways. A dog on one product might product a certain type of dropping and then when they are changed to another food their droppings will also change, especially while their digestive system adjusts to the new type of food. The key is to know what is normal for your dog on their normal diet and keep track of any changes that happen without any dietary changes. 
Q. Why would my dog be eating grass?
A. Your dog is possibly not feeling well.  This is a normal process.  They do it deliberately to make themselves sick.
Q. What are edible grade meats?
A. Meats destined for human consumption.
Q. Why my dog would be farting a lot since changing to Mighty Mix?
A. There are many natural ingredients found in Mighty Mix that may be new to your dog’s digestive system and Mighty Mix is a meat based product and can be more concentrated than other dog foods. Because of these differences your dog’s digestive system needs time to adjust to the new food. We suggest that when changing a dogs diet – do so gradually. First mix ¼ new product with ¾ of the old product. After a few days increase this to ½ and ½ then again to ¾ new to ¼ old, then on to feed 100% Mighty Mix. Once the dog is accustomed to the new food the farts should go away.
Q. What type of fats are used in the Frozen Concentrate and how much?
A. Fat is the most digestible form of energy for dogs which is why Mighty Mix uses fat as the main source of energy for the Frozen Concentrate – a high energy supplement feed. Fat in the Frozen Concentrate is from meat sources and makes up on average 53% of the as-fed product.
Q. Can you give me the fat and protein content of the Frozen Concentrate?
A. The Frozen Concentrate is designed to be a low protein, high energy supplement feed. The protein in the Frozen Concentrate is (on average) 25%, the fat (on average) is 53%. To view the complete analysis see our Frozen Concentrate page. 
Q Why is the product frozen? Are there any problems with feeding frozen food?
A The Frozen Concentrate product is frozen because this is the best way to keep the raw meats and fish fresh. While you can thaw the product prior to feeding, you do not need to. Your dog should have no problems with eating the product frozen. We do not cook, nor recommend cooking the product as this would reduce the vitamin and mineral levels.
Q. I thought that dogs could not have garlic because it is toxic like onions?
A. While onions and garlic are from the same ‘family’ the levels of the toxin found in garlic is minute and is therefore not toxic to dogs.  Garlic is traditionally known as a blood purifier and an immune stimulant that all animals can benefit from. Onions have a very high toxicity level and you should never feed it to your pets.
Q Is the amount of glucosamine through regular daily feeding sufficient without giving a supplement? Does Mighty Mix contain the shells of mussels, as this is a natural source of glucosamine?
A All Mighty Mix products contain freeze dried green lipped mussels which is high in glucosamine and useful for the treatment of arthritis, poor joint mobility, skin inflammation, connective tissue repair, cartilage maintenance and impact related injuries however the shells of the mussels are not included.
The glucosamine levels in their normal diet should be enough for your dog for any life stage, however you will know the condition of your dog so if you feel her condition would benefit from a supplement you could try our Green-Lipped Mussel Tonic. This will provide additional freeze dried green lipped protein powder, which promotes all the benefits listed above.
Q. How and what gluten is used in your products?
A. Our Mighty Mix products are not gluten free as they contain wholegrain cereal. The outer grain fiber of the cereal is a natural source of vitamin B.  The very inner kernel of the mixed cereal is a natural source of vitamin E which is a gluten product. If you are looking for a low cereal product then you could try the Frozen Concentrate product. 
Q. Do you warm or cook Mighty Mix Frozen Concentrate before feeding?
A. You can warm the Frozen Concentrate but we don’t recommend cooking it as it will destroy the vitamins in the product. Be careful when warming or thawing the product as it contains raw meats and fish which can go off easily. 
Q Over the last couple of months (colder months) the elder dog has lost a lot of weight due to muscle wastage.  He has recently had issues with his hips, which are going to be ongoing here on out.  So we are looking at changing his diet to help maintain his weight and muscles.  What Mighty Mix product do you suggest? 
A The Frozen Concentrate is high in energy so will help your dog gain some more weight, however to maintain his weight and muscles I would alternate with the Nourish Formula biscuit which is higher in protein and lower in energy. Once his weight is at a good level, feed the Nourish biscuit only. To help with his hip/joint problems you could also try the Green-Lipped Mussel Tonic.
Q. Is the food of human quality and are human grade ingredients used?
A. The meat products we use are sourced only from New Zealand processing plants that solely process human consumption meats. This means that the animals for slaughter have to be healthy and free from medications – and they need to have passed veterinary checks prior to slaughter. However, this does not mean that they are fit for human consumption and we do not recommend that you eat them. 
Q. My dog has an irritable bowel; could you recommend what I should be feeding?
A. Mighty Mix Frozen Concentrate is ideal for this situation.  Keep your dog off any dry food including biscuits.
Q. Why does the Frozen Concentrate look like white fat when it is broken apart?
A. We use a blending process similar to making sausages.  When you open up a raw sausage it looks all white, yet you know it contains meat.  We use the same blending process to keep firm the soft meats and salmon to produce the white pallets found in your Frozen Concentrate.
Q What meats are included in Mighty Mix?
A The Biscuits contain beef and mutton meat meal. The Frozen Concentrate contains beef, mutton and pork fat trim as well as raw salmon. The Dog Roll contains beef, mutton and pork. 
Q. My dog has been diagnosed with steroid responsive meningitis.  He also has sensitive skin and the vet says that he should be on a low protein diet.
A. Steroid responsive meningitis is very complex and you should stick with your vet’s advice.  If you would like to try a Mighty Mix product, we would recommend using our Frozen Concentrate.  It contains salmon, is higher in fat, and lower in protein, which may help with the sensitive skin.
Q If the Nourish Formula biscuit contains more vitamin and minerals than Family Dog & Large Dog, why wouldn’t you feed Nourish instead?
A The Nourish Formula is our most concentrated biscuit formula. It is specially designed for when your dog needs a pick me up. The extra micro-nutrients in Nourish help provide a boost to your dog's nutrition. It is great for dogs who have trouble maintaining their weight, are trying to lose weight, recovering from illness or surgery, pregnant or lactating dogs, puppies, and elderly dogs. However, your dog does not necessarily need this higher level of nutrients all of the time and the average dog should thrive on the Family Dog or Large Dog formulas. 
Q. Are your products ‘nutritionally complete’ or AAFCO approved?
A. The Biscuit Range and Dog Roll are approved as formulated to meet AAFCO nutritional requirements for all life stages. This means the product can be fed as a total diet and will provide 100% of your dog’s nutritional needs. The Frozen Concentrate is a high energy supplement feed due to the high level of fat that it contains.  All other aspects of this product are formulated to meet AAFCO nutritional requirements.
Q. Why would my dog have gone off the Frozen Concentrate?
A. We generally find that the problem is simply over feeding, as the Frozen Concentrate is a highly concentrated feed. Dog's are individuals - they come in all shapes and sizes e.g. fat or thin, hungry or picky. Each dog has their own needs and our feeding guides are only starting point to work from. 
Also check how you are storing the Frozen Concentrate. If the product has been left to defrost or if is not stored correctly the product may have gone off, which could be a reason for the dog not eating it. At the end of the day the dog will let you now what they need. 
Q. Do any of your products contain artificial preservatives?
A. We do not add any artificial preservatives in the Mighty Mix process, and to the best of our knowledge neither do any of our ingredient suppliers. The biscuits do contain a natural antioxidant preservative.
Q Why is the price I paid in store different from on the Website?
A The prices on the website are the recommended Franchisee prices however we cannot legally set their prices. Sometimes Franchisee's prices will differ slightly from the stated amount. Retail outlets also sometimes add their own markup to these prices. We do not have the details for each retail outlet’s prices as each store may be different. To be sure of the price it pays to check before ordering. Find your local Franchisee on the distributor pages bullet
Q How much does Mighty Mix cost?
A Our recommended Franchisee prices can be found on each of the distributors' pages, though individual prices may differ slightly from area to area so it pays to check before ordering. 
Q. What should I be feeding a puppy?
A. We recommend our Nourish Biscuit for feeding puppies as it is our most concentrated formula.  Another option is to feed a well-balanced raw and dry food diet by feeding our Frozen Concentrate supplement combined with the Nourish biscuits. 
Q. Do your Biscuits contain salt?
A. The Biscuit Range is specially formulated to meet the AAFCO nutritional standards.  There is salt included in some of the ingredients, i.e. mussels and kelp, but it is within the AAFCO guidelines.  The Frozen Concentrate does not have salt added but does contain salmon.
Q. Why would the Mighty Mix Biscuits be making my dog scour?
A. It is probably just a case of overfeeding due to the concentrated formula or a change of diet. Try cutting their food back a bit. 
Q. Are Mighty Mix products good for dogs with sensitive stomachs?
A. Yes all of our products are suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Depending on what your dog is sensitive to, you can try the Frozen Concentrate to try a lower protein, lower cereal option.
Q. How long does Mighty Mix Frozen last in the freezer?
A. We date stamp the product on the day of manufacture which gives it 12 months.  We would recommend that the product is consumed prior to that date.
Q Does Mighty Mix contain sick animals or animals on Antibiotics?
A The by-products we use are sourced only from New Zealand processing plants that solely process human consumption meats. This means that the animals for slaughter have to be healthy and free from medications – and they need to have passed veterinary checks prior to slaughter. Our meat sources are also specific to only the animals listed on our packaging.
Q Why would my dog be producing fewer stools on the Frozen Concentrate as opposed to other brands?
A The Mighty Mix dog food products have no fillers, unlike other brands of dog food, which can help reduce wastage. It also contains more natural ingredients so the dog gets more nutrients from the food, meaning more nutrients are absorbed which results in less stools produced. Even on the Mighty Mix Biscuits you should notice a decrease in stools.
Q. How should I store Mighty Mix?
A. We recommended keeping the biscuits out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry environment.
The Frozen Concentrate must be stored in the freezer. 
The Dog Roll must be stored in the freezer until such time that you wish to starting using it.  Once thawed the dog roll must be kept refrigerated where it will last for up to 14 days. 
Q Do you have a mixture with all the good things in it without the fat and meat parts?
A We do have a supplement called the Green-Lipped Mussel Tonic. It is made purely from freeze dried green lipped mussels. While this supplement is aimed at the joint and mobility health of your dog it does have general health benefits as well, by helping to maintain general well being in your dog and can be useful in the treatment of arthritis, poor joint mobility, skin inflammation, connective tissue repair, cartilage maintenance and impact related injuries in your dog. Green-lipped mussels contain omega 3 which is necessary to support your animal’s body.
Q What texture is the Frozen Concentrate?
A The Frozen Concentrate is a free-flow minced product.
Q. What is the tonic made from and what is it for?
A. This is what we call Green-Lipped Mussel Tonic. It is made purely from freeze dried green lipped mussels and is designed to aid in joint mobility and increase the immune system.
Q. We feed vegetables to our dog, how does that compare to your products?
A. It is very difficult to make sure a dog gets a complete and balanced diet on just vegetables alone.  Mighty Mix Frozen Concentrate alternated with one of our biscuits would be more beneficial for providing a healthy and natural diet for your dog that is complete and balanced.
Q. What is the Vitamin A and Zinc content of the Biscuits?
A. The biscuits contain a vitamin and mineral supplement that meets the AAFCO recommendations.  Each kg of dog biscuit will contain 6000 international units of Vitamin A and 120mg of Zinc.  The issue is how much proprietary food the dog receives as opposed to scraps.  If the dog only receives a small part of its daily diet with the biscuits, then a supplement may be required.
Q. Has the water content in the Frozen Concentrate changed?
A. There is no added water content to the Frozen Concentrate however moisture content can vary from batch to batch depending on the moisture of the ingredients.
Q. Do you have a recommended formula for working out weight to food ratio?
A. We have a suggested feeding guide on each of the product pages and on the product packaging. Each dog and each situation is different. The dog will let you know if they are eating right by either leaving food in their bowl or by losing or gaining weight. If your dog has a problem with overeating (like Labradors) then you should monitor their feeding more carefully.
When feeding puppies - they should be allowed to self feed, within reason. What that means is that puppies should have as much as they want in about 10 minutes each feeding. If the puppy eats all you gave it in a couple of minutes give more food inside that 10 minute feed time. If the puppy leaves any after 10 minutes, remove the food and give them a little less at the next feed time. If the puppy is a gulper, you may need to feed them more often but a lower quantity in each feed. Puppies can get into trouble if they gorge themselves. Don't free feed by leaving food down all the time.
Q. Do your products contain wheat?
A. Yes, wholegrain Wheat is used for the nutrients it provides. The outer fiber of the mixed cereal grain contains a natural source of vitamin B.  The inner most part of the mixed cereal contains a natural source of vitamin E.  Mighty Mix uses no bulking agents in its products.  We do not use the husk of the mixed grains.  The husk is classed as a bulking agent containing no vitamins and can cause bowl irritation. 


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