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Eastern Bay of Plenty

Delivery Service

Jacob and Alicia Chrisohoou
Jacob and Alicia Chrisohoou are our Franchisees for the Eastern Bay of Plenty area. As our Franchisees they are committed to offering a complete delivery service throughout this area.

The map to the right indicates where Jacob and Alicia deliver to. If you live within this area your best option to get your hands on some Mighty Mix is to get in touch with them and they can organise a delivery for you. If you're not sure which area you live in, you can zoom in on this map to get a better look.

To find out more about Jacob and Alicia and the products and services they offer, click 'find out more' to view their profile.

View Eastern Bay of Plenty in a larger map
View Eastern Bay of Plenty in a larger map

Contact Details
Mobile: 021 273 8524
(021 2 PETKAI)
Email: kurikai72@gmail.com

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You can purchase Mighty Mix product from 61a Pururu Street, Rotorua every Wednesday from 10.00am to 6.00pm, otherwise call Jacob and Alicia and they can arrange a time to meet you outside these hours. Please contact our Franchisees listed above to organise a delivery. 
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