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Dog Roll

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As with all our products the dog roll contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and thus is a cooked product which requires freezing until use.  Once opened it can be stored under refrigeration for up to 14 days.

This product is formulated to meet AAFCO guidelines for all life stages thus provides a balanced and complete diet for dogs of all ages/breeds.

Our dog roll provides a nutritious alternative feeding option to give variety within your dog's diet.

Key Benefits of Feeding Dog Roll to Your Dog:

  • High energy  – from unprocessed meat fats. Fats are important for energy consumption as they are the most readily digestible energy source for dogs. Energy sourced from sugars or carbohydrates are not as digestible and so can tend to pass through the dog's system without providing optimum energy levels. 
  • Optimum condition – the high energy content combined with the concentrated natural ingredients helps your dog achieve and maintain optimum condition. 
  • Natural ingredients  – we use a mix of natural super-foods which are rich in micro-nutrients. Having these nutrients naturally available means your dog can digest them easily and gain maximum nutrition from their food.
  • Low cereal option – less than 20% of whole grain cereal is in Mighty Mix Dog Roll, just enough to aid healthy digestion.
  • AAFCOthe Mighty Mix Dog Roll is formulated to meet AAFCO guidelines for all life stages.  This means that your dog gets a balanced and complete diet from pup to old age.
  • NZ made – all of our Mighty Mix products are made right here in New Zealand. As well as supporting our country's national and local economies.
  • Local franchisee support  – Your products are delivered to your door by your local franchisee. Since they're also local business people you're supporting your local community as well. 

Feeding Dog Roll to Puppies

For feeding the Dog Roll to puppies, it is recommended that you feed no more than 50% of their diet and make up the other half with one of our biscuit products.  Nourish is most recommended for puppies but all of our biscuit formulas are 100% complete foods so suitable for growing pups.

When feeding - puppies should be allowed to self feed, within reason.  What that means is that puppies should have as much as they want in about 10 minutes each feeding.  If the puppy eats all you gave it in a couple of minutes give more food inside that 10 minute feed time.  If the puppy leaves any after 10 minutes, remove the food and give them a little less at the next feed time.  If the puppy is a gulper, you may need to feed them more often but a lower quantity in each feed. Puppies can get into trouble if they gorge themselves.  Don't free feed by leaving food down all the time.


Nutritional Information

All Mighty Mix Dog Food products are designed to enhance the overall health and well-being of your dog in the best possible way - the natural way.  Getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals for your dog is essential.  These natural and wholesome foods used in our products are readily absorbed by your dog's digestive system, to effectively maintain the balance of vitamins and minerals in your dog's diet.


Pork, Beef, Mutton, Water, Wholegrain Cereal,
Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic,
Cold Pressed Flaxseed Flour,
Kelp, Green Lipped Mussels,
Eggs, Vitamins and Minerals

We have also been testing our product regularly to be able to offer more detailed nutritional information,  Please see below our results so far.

Met.Energy 7.57 kjoules 20.08 kjoules
Moisture 37.71% -
Protein (Crude) 10.5% 28%
Fat 9.1% 24%
Fibre 1.5% 4%
Carbohydrates 8.8% 23.7%
Calcium .6% 1.32%
Phosphorus .39% 1.05%
Ca:P Ratio 1.25:1 1.25:1
Magnesium .03% .08%
Zinc 47ppm 127ppm
Manganese 5ppm 13.5ppm
Copper 4ppm 10.7ppm
Sodium .43% 1.15%
Potassium .15% .4%
Iron 46ppm 124ppm
Cobolt .55ppm 1.48ppm
Selenium .10ppm .26ppm
(Based on the average of our tests to date, not a guaranteed or typical analysis.)

When comparing difference dog food products, it is important to note whether the information offered is on an 'as fed' or on a 'dry matter' basis.  We've included both so you can easily distinguish which is which.

Daily Serving Guide

Dog Size 5kg 10kg 15kg 20kg 25kg 30kg 35kg 40kg
Amount 200g 350g 490g 590g 700g 800g 890g 950g

This is intended as a guide only, individual needs may vary depending on activity levels, age, breed and supplementary diet.

Where to Buy?

Service is part of the package with our Mighty Mix products.  Your order will be delivered to your door by your local franchisee.  check out our service map to find your local contact.  You can contact hem directly or use the form on their profile page to send them an order online.

For stores where you can find our Mighty Mix products, just click on your area of our map to see where Mighty Mix is available near you.

Unfortunately we do not offer any credit card facilities for online purchases, online orders are forwarded on to your local franchisee to organise delivery.  Common payment methods accepted are internet banking, cheque, or cash payments.

Product Range & Prices


Product Range
Dog Roll 6 x 3kg outer   Please check with the local distributor for product prices & availability. 

The Rewards of Feeding Optimum Nutrition for a Lifetime!

A healthy and well-nourished dog will prove happier and more productive, for longer.  Feeding optimum nutrition can help extend your dog's working life.  Increase your productivity and save on your dog food bill.  Don't settle for 'budget' dog food, optimum nutrition no longer costs you an arm and a leg!.



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