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Frozen Concentrate

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Frozen Concentrate - our original Mighty Mix product - is specially formulated using a mixture of natural raw and cooked ingredients, with extra micronutrients, to help promote optimum health and wellbeing for your dog. Plus, our concentrated feed has zero fillers and is high in energy so you can feed less and save on your dog food bill. 


Key Benefits of Feeding Mighty Mix Frozen Concentrate to Your Dog:

  • High energy  – from unprocessed meat fats. Fats are important for energy consumption as they are the most readily digestible energy source for dogs. Energy sourced from sugars or carbohydrates are not as digestible and so can tend to pass through the dog's system without providing optimum energy levels. 
  • Cost effective  – is a very economical feeding option when assessed on a cost per feed basis.
  • Optimum condition – the high energy content combined with the concentrated natural ingredients helps your dog achieve and maintain optimum condition. 
  • Natural ingredients  – we use a mix of natural super-foods which are rich in micro-nutrients. Having these nutrients naturally available means your dog can digest them easily and gain maximum nutrition from their food.
  • Raw diet option – the Frozen Concentrate does not go through a cooking process so the nutrients are sealed fresh when frozen. This means your dog won't miss out on any crucial nutrients that some cooking processes can destroy. 
  • Low cereal option – less than 15% of whole grain cereal is in Mighty Mix Frozen Concentrate, just enough to aid healthy digestion.
  • Allergy or skin problems? – we hear numerous customer stories of how feeding our Frozen Concentrate to their allergy prone dog has helped clear their skin and live life to the fullest!
  • Excellent mobility – jam-packed with omegas, the salmon, green-lipped mussels and kelp in Mighty Mix Frozen Concentrate will help keep your dog active and on the go, well into their twilight years.
  • AAFCOthe Mighty Mix Frozen Concentrate is designed as a high energy supplement due to the higher levels of fat and thus
    energy in the product. All other nutritional levels are formulated to meet or exceed AAFCO recommendations for adult dogs.
  • NZ made – all of our Mighty Mix products are made right here in New Zealand. As well as supporting our country's national and local economies.
  • Local franchisee support  – Your products are delivered to your door by your local franchisee. Since they're also local business people you're supporting your local community as well. 


How Much Should You Feed?

Each dog is different and will have their own energy needs. Feeding the right amount is about finding the right balance for your dog. The feeding suggestions below offer a starting point for you to work from. Keep an eye on your dog's weight and adjust the feed amount appropriately.

Ideally, you should be able to see a slight waist when looking along your dog's spine, you should be able to feel their ribs but they should not stick out or be too visible, and there should be a slight stomach tuck viewing from side on. 

Adult Maintenance Diet
Adult Active Diet

Dog Size

Serving Suggestion


Dog Size

Serving Suggestion

40 kg 2 Cups   40kg 3 Cups
25 kg 1 Cup   25kg 1.5 Cups
10 kg 0.5 Cup   10kg 0.75 Cups


Puppy:Weaning - 4 Mnth
Puppy:4 Mnth - Adult

Dog Size

Serving Suggestion


Dog Size

Serving Suggestion

10 kg 150g   10kg 100g
7.5 kg 120g   7.5kg 80g
5 kg 90g   5kg 60g

Feeding Frozen Concentrate to Puppies

Many customers choose to feed the frozen to their pups without problems but due to the AAFCO requirements, this product is classed as a supplement feed only. It is not recommended that you give it to your pup as a total diet due to its high energy content.

For feeding the Frozen Concentrate to puppies, it is recommended that you feed no more than one third of their diet on the Frozen Concentrate and make the other two thirds up with one of our biscuit products. Nourish is most recommended for puppies but all of our biscuit formulas are 100% complete for growing pups. 

When feeding - puppies should be allowed to self feed, within reason. What that means is that puppies should have as much as they want in about 10 minutes each feeding. If the puppy eats all you gave it in a couple of minutes give more food inside that 10 minute feed time. If the puppy leaves any after 10 minutes, remove the food and give them a little less at the next feed time. If the puppy is a gulper, you may need to feed them more often but a lower quantity in each feed. Puppies can get into trouble if they gorge themselves. Don't free feed by leaving food down all the time.


Nutritional Information

All Mighty Mix Dog Food products are designed to enhance the overall health and well-being of your dog in the best possible way - the natural way. Getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals for your dog is essential. These natural and wholesome foods used in our products are readily absorbed by your dog's digestive system, to effectively maintain the balance of vitamins and minerals in your dog's diet.

Fats, Meats & Products derived from Meat (Beef, Sheep & Pork), Salmon, Wholegrain Cereal, Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, Cold Pressed Flaxseed Flour, Green Lipped Mussels, Kelp, Eggs, Vitamins & Minerals.


We have also been testing our product regularly to be able to offer more detailed nutritional information. Please see below our results so far. 
Met.Energy 16.74 kJoules 24.27 kJoules
Moisture 31.1% -
Protein (Crude) 17.4% 25.3%
Fat 36.8% 53.0%
Fibre 2.0% 5.1%
Carbohydrates 7.9% 11.7%
Calcium 1.1% 1.5%
Phosphorus 0.59% 0.86%
Ca:P Ratio 1.8:1 1.8:1
Magnesium 0.05% 0.07%
Zinc 114ppm 119ppm
Manganese 10.5ppm 17.6ppm
Copper 7.3ppm 12.2ppm
Sodium 0.11% 0.48%
Chloride 0.56% 0.93%
Potassium 0.74% 1.15%
Iron 188ppm 313ppm
Cobolt 1.08ppm 1.82ppm
Selenium 0.24ppm 0.42ppm
(Based on the average of our tests to date, not a guaranteed or typical analysis.)  

When comparing different dog food products, it is important to note whether the information offered is on an 'as fed' or on a 'dry matter' basis. We've included both so you can easily distinguish which is which. 


Where to Buy?

Service is part of the package with our Mighty Mix products. Your order will be delivered to your door by your local franchisee. Check out our service map to find your local contact. You can contact them directly or use the form on their profile page to send them an order online.

For stores where you can find our Mighty Mix products, just click on your area of our map to see where Mighty Mix is available near you. 

Unfortunately we do not offer any credit card facilities for online purchases, online orders are forwarded on to your local franchisee to organize delivery. Common payment methods accepted are Internet banking, cheque, or cash payments.


Product Range & Prices


Product Range
Frozen Concentrate 25kg   Please check with the local distributor for product prices & availability. 


The Rewards of Feeding Optimum Nutrition for a Lifetime!

A healthy and well-nourished dog will prove happier and more productive, for longer. Feeding optimum nutrition can help extend your dog's working life. Increase your productivity and save on your dog food bill. Don't settle for 'budget' dog food, optimum nutrition no longer costs you an arm and a leg!



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